This page details the safety warnings that we would like to make you aware of prior to purchase/usage of the NUT-R® Axle Camera Mount™.

Usage Warning

Since the NUT-R® Bicycle Axle Camera Mount protrudes from the external envelope of the Bicycle Frame, NUT-R® would advise extreme caution when in use. The risk of another rider or object coming into contact with the Mount during use is very limited, but it's not impossible. This may result in damage to the Camera, Mount, Bicycle, fellow rider or pedestrian and most importantly, you. Therefore, NUT-R® would recommend that safe distances are maintained between you and other cyclists (and objects).  

Expected Usage

Even though the mount has successfully passed the same ISO test regime as normal skewer assemblies that are intended for near endless usage, NUT-R would like to class the mount as "for occasional use only". This is not because of any lack of confidence with the Mount's structural integrity but to limit the exposure of the Mount to unforeseen forces (e.g. knocks or bashes during bike transportation or storage etc) that may unknowingly damage the Mount.   

Wheel Retention

The NUT-R® Bicycle Axle Camera Mount is designed to replace one half of a fully qualified and well maintained wheel Skewer Assembly. Whilst every effort has been made to use the best engineering practises in designing this Camera Mount, it may not be compatible with all Quick Release Skewer Assemblies. Therefore, a large proportion of the liability lies on the user assessing the compatibility of the Camera Mount with your Bicycle and your ability to correctly assemble the Camera Mount to your Bicycle using the instructions provided. Due to the risks involved with incorrectly installing the Camera Mount or installing it on incompatible Skewer Assemblies, extremely detailed assembly instructions are supplied. These instructions are required for your safety.

Failure to correctly install the Camera Mount to your Bicycle or install the Camera Mount to a non-compatible Skewer/Fork Assembly may cause the wheel to become detached from the Bicycle and result in serious bodily harm or even death.

Camera Retention

The NUT-R® Bicycle Axle Camera Mount is only designed for use with OEM Action Cameras with less than 250g weight. If other Products (not intended for use) are used, then NUT-R® cannot guarantee secure retention of the Product. The Product may detach from the Camera Mount, incur damage or even damage the Bicycle or yourself.

Compatible Cameras may also become detached from the Camera Mount if not assembled correctly. This may also cause damage to the Camera, Bicycle or you.