NUT-R® was founded in 2015 and was born from a passion of Sports, Engineering and Speed. Unlike large corporate brands who have limited freedom to explore new sectors or products, NUT-R® is in a completely organic state and will flow where our ideas and passions lead us. Our engineering background means that we have a real pride in innovating new technical solutions - we are simply not satisfied with churning out non-original products and following other people's trends. At NUT-R®, we want to BE THE TREND™.

Engineering History

The NUT-R® brand belongs to Integrale Engineering Limited which is an extremely experienced engineering consultancy (with an ImechE Chartered Engineer) dealing with the creation of Subsea Oil and Gas equipment. The company offers complete engineering design solutions from concept creation through to structural verification, detailed engineering drawings and written procedures. Safety and reliability are at the heart of the Oil and Gas industry and its importance has been carried over to the NUT-R® product line. Engineering is like Art, you simply cannot read a book and become a capable practitioner. It takes time, effort, mistakes and continued learning. From our technical background, you can see that NUT-R® is based on substantial technical foundations. The products we offer may be far less complex than the £six figure assemblies developed for the Oil and Gas industry, but we guarantee that each product is tackled in the same calculated manner and delivers equivalent quality levels.

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