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We were proud to have sponsored Pedaloff's Instagram competition where two lucky winners won our Axle Camera Mounts. Pedaloff handpicked us after seeing our Camera Mounts in action and we are glad they did. HERE is what they had to say about our Camera Mount.  

DCRainmaker Review

Prior to product launch, NUT-R® gained the attention of one of the cycle industry's well respected tech reviewers, DCRainmaker. We sent him 2 of our Axle Camera Mounts™  to test and here is the result: DCRainmaker NUT-R® Review 

The NUT-R® Bicycle Axle Camera Mount™ was born from a general dissatisfaction with the number of mounting locations available for Action Cameras on bicycles. Our quest was to not only provide an innovative new Camera Mount in what is currently a technically stagnant market, but to also go one step further and create a professional Mount that best shows the raw fast-paced action that us riders live for. We believe that the footage recorded using the Bicycle Axle Camera Mount™ is much more exhilarating than footage recorded from conventionally mounted Action Cameras.

The Camera Mount replaces the Axle Nut of a conventional Quick Release Skewer system allowing the Action Camera to be positioned much closer to the ground compared to Handlebar or Seat post Camera Mounts. This change of viewpoint boosts the intensity of footage and provides a unique and thrilling viewpoint for riders to record their rides. The onboard footage also benefits from the Mount's extreme stiffness and its unique GoPro® Side-Mount™ Camera interface which combine to make near vibration free footage.

Even though the Camera Mount's main purpose is to attach an Action Camera to your Bicycle Wheel's axle, we haven't forgotten the importance of its wheel retention ability. The task of replacing a key component of a Wheel's Quick Release Assembly (which is potentially the most important component on a Bicycle when it comes to safety) was not taken lightly. Great emphasis has been made to test and qualify the Mount to ensure it provides the utmost safety and long-term reliability. In addition to the Mount passing industry standard qualification testing, Mounts go through strict quality control and mechanically testing prior to shipping. So whether you intend to use the Mount on your beat-up commuter bike or on your "bling'd-out" race machine, have confidence that no corners have been cut in making this Mount.

At NUT-R®, we aim to create products that continuously perform to the highest standard.

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